CrediCare Webcam Application

AS3Interactive Presentation

This was an online application that allowed users to use their own webcam to take pictures of themselves and then superimpose these pictures onto different backgrounds. They could then send the photos to their email.

Tool: AS3
Time: June 2009
Link: not available

creditcareWebcam01_thumb creditcareWebcam02_thumb creditcareWebcam03_thumb creditcareWebcam04_thumb

Trophic Networks


Trophic Networks was an interactive installation. Users could pick a variety of predefined elements for creating their own species and use their own body to control the movement of the user-created species to look for food. This project was built in AS3 and used motion tracking library to respond to the audience’s motion behavior.

Tool: AS3
Time: May 2009
Link: trophic networks

trophicNetwork01_thumb trophicNetwork02_thumb trophicNetwork03_thumb trophicNetwork04_thumb



This is a web page presentation for an online portfolio.

Tool: AS3
Time: March 2009

Customizing your Baseball Card

AS3Interactive Presentation

This project was displayed in a computer exhibition which was created to promote ACER’s latest laptop. AS3 was used to build the front-end webcam application that allowed audiences to take pictures with well-known baseball star, Chien-Ming Wang, and then send the pictures to their email.

Tool: AS3
Time: February 2009
Link: not available

customCard01_thumb customCard02_thumb customCard03_thumb customCard04_thumb


AS3Flash Banner

There are multiple online-commercial banners created for O2, UK.

Tool: AS3
Time: January 2009
Link: o2 uk

o201_thumb o202_thumb o203_thumb o204_thumb