Paperless Post


Paperless Post is operated by Paperless Inc. and has been created to provide information about the organization and to provide online event invitation and social stationery services to the Site visitors. My responsibility was to built smart, well-designed assets, interfaces and animations for main applications that look great and are built efficiently. Also, I helped optimize the performance of Paperless Post’s current Flash application directly with the business team.

Tool: AS3
Time: April 2010
Link: paperless post



This online portfolio was created for a new design agency in Taiwan. By using Wordpress as a CMS, this website is for clients to be able to constantly and efficiently update their latest design projects.

Tool: Wordpress, CSS, PHP
Time: March 2010
Link: coming soon

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PEGA Design & Engineering


PEGA D&E is an advanced design consultancy that provides creative solutions in industrial design. This website presents the latest design ideas and information. The structure of this site was developed using AS3 and was built to provide a SEO friendly navigation experience.

Tool: AS3
Time: Februray 2010
Link: pega design & engineering

Squanderless Blog


This blog is part of the Squanderless project which provides daily information updated about the project. The custom wordpress theme was redesigned to create a more user informed web blog by integrating flickr and twitter tools.

Tool: Wordpress, CSS, PHP
Time: January 2010
Link: squanderless blog


AS3Website is an online interactive family portrait using live data of domestic waste by Jean Brennan. It was built in AS3 and utilizes Flickr API to upload and manage the images. In this project, each image has several tags corresponding to its material, weight, function and color. The custom tag sorting system was created to allow the users to navigate photos and to search for photos of their relatives.

Tool: AS3
Time: December 2009

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